Percussion Hits

  • Percussion Hits features orchestral drums hits intended for film and TV scoring or video game soundtracks.

    Percussion Hits comes in a package of WAV files and as a Kontakt instrument. This library allows drag and drop use in a DAW, or a keyboard and MIDI control with the Kontakt interface.

    The collection contains different attack profiles, such as single hits, long and short crescendos, appoggiature groups of notes, or reverse effects that are mixed with rolls to offer rich and modern textures.

    250+ unique sounds in 44.1Khz - 24 bits wav

    • Certain sounds have variations (ex: with or without cymbals)...
    • 5 new SFX soundbanks (1.2 update)
    • "Reverse" button for all sounds
    • Per-key tuner
    • Natural tone recording and unprocessed sounds
    • Quickly drag and drop into your project...
    • ...or use the .nki version for Kontakt 4 & 5
    • Watermarked library
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